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6th Grade Homework Pages

6th Grade Homework Pages

The following links are homework pages that have been set up by the teachers for the purpose of relaying information to parents and students.

The information provided is to keep both parents and students up-to-date on what is due  on what date for homework. If there are any concerns, please feel free to contact the teacher at the school or by email. Email can be found on the Faculty & Staff page: Faculty & Staff

Social Studies
Dockum, James
Hill, Danielle (US History 1 1st pd)
Hill, Danielle (US History 1 Advanced)
Sutton, Matthew

World Languages
Agosta, (Hulshof) Jessica

Allums, Elizabeth
McGrath, Michelle
Brown, Elizabeth

Isemann, Jessica (Band)
Johnson, Clienthia (Choral)
Minter, Eve (Strings)

Career Tech Ed
Bailey, Sheila (Business)
Bailey, Sheila (Business)
May, James (Tech ED)
Lauritzen, Amanda (Independent Living)
Lauritzen, Amanda (Teen Living)

Jacoby, Janice
Thomas, Karen
Deebel, Emma (Adv Life Sci)
Berube, Sharon

Health & Physical Ed.
Richards, Natalie
Hernandez, Will
Krassowski, Tim
El-Amin, Alan
Mitchell, Jackie
Traylor, Ryan

Abrams-Terry, Michelle-ELL-1
Abrams-Terry, Michelle-ELL-3
Crouch, Paula
Shelly, Morgan
Obeck, Kristin

Functional Ed
Rowe, Renee
Ross, Dan
Parker, Terry

Paxton (Goodwillie) Ashton
Nolte-Shotwell, Emily
Brown, Rachel
Townsend, Shicociya
Jones, (Johnson) April
Gueno, Dedra (Course 1)

Doss, Mary-Eng
Sheridan, (Johnson) Katherine – 6th – Adv-Eng
Sheridan (Johnson), Katherine – 6th Gr Eng
Amador, Luis-Eng
Shelton, Jessica-Eng
Buczkowski, Sara
Woodfolk, Robin

Marshall-Lee, Staci

Talented and Gifted
Burriesci, Dawn