April 3rd — Remainder of School Year Update

Hello Cub Family,

I’m checking in share some very important information about what the rest of the year looks like for our Cubs.  This message is a little long but please read through to the end.  This information will also be available on our website, Schoology and my phone call. There are many different messages that have been shared and some confusion but I want to lay it out for you now.

·         If you are currently failing a class or would like to continue to improve your grades you will get to do that during our recovery window from April 14th-April 24th at 4:00 pm. The assignments have been posted on Schoology so that you can complete them starting today. These activities will only improve your grades and understanding.

·         If you take high school credit classes you are REQUIRED to complete new learning opportunities.  This includes Algebra 1, Geometry, World History 1, Earth Science, 21st Century Inquiry and Leadership, Exploring Computer Science, Independent Living, Art 1, Spanish 1, *Spanish A, Spanish B, French 1, *French A, and French B. Your teacher will be providing these experiences through Schoology and they will run from May 6th through June 12th.

o   If you are taking Alg.1, Geometry, World History 1, or Earth Science you can get one of your verified credits required for graduation without taking an SOL. If you decide not to stick with us through the end of the year you will have to pass another class and the SOL in that content area in order to graduate.

o   If you are currently taking French A and/or Spanish A, while this is not a high school weight bearing course, you will need to know the material in this class to be prepared for French B and/or Spanish B for the 2020-2021 school year.  Therefore, you will continue with instruction from May 6th -June 12th.

·         If you don’t fall into any of these other categories your grades will end on May 1st and you will be able to continue learning through optional virtual learning experiences that will be posted in May.  You will get to keep the learning going from May 4th -June 12.

If you want to know what your Cubs grades look like right now, get them to pull their grades up or you can use the following links to set up your parent portal to see your child’s classes and grades. I am certain there will be lots of questions about specific situations.  Our teachers have been reaching out to all of our students that are in danger of having to repeat but if you have questions please reach out through email or Schoology and we will respond when our team returns from Spring Break on Tuesday, April 14th. Please use Spring Break to unplug and on April 14th come back to us ready to learn and grow.

Have a great, safe, and healthy Spring Break and GO CUBS!