Daily Bell Schedule

1st/5th Period - 8:35-10:05 (90 Mins)

2nd/6th Period - 10:09-11:39 (90 Mins)

3rd/7th Period - 11:43-1:41 (118 Mins)

A Lunch - 12:00-12:25 (25 Mins)

B Lunch - 12:35-1:00 (25 Mins)

C Lunch - 1:10-1:35 (25 Mins)

4th/8th Period - 1:45-3:15 (90 Mins)

Download the School Calendar HERE


Brookland Testing Dates for 2017-18


Help Desk Hours: 8am-10am and 1pm-3pm

Student’s MUST have a pass to come to the help desk; especially in the morning in order to prevent excessive (loud) socializing in line.

Student computer repairs average about 3 school days. That’s just an average, not a guarantee.

Online Parent Laptop Training
After watching the video, be sure to click on the link to indicate your training is complete.

Need more help? Check out the Tech Tips Blog

6th Grade Homework Pages
7th Grade Homework Pages
8th Grade Homework Pages
ESL Resource Page

ESL Resource Page: This page will include resources for the ESL Community for Brookland Middle School. For the time being, please stay tuned for coming updates and forms to be posted in other languages that are related to student progress and performance at Brookland.